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October 26, 2015

Exmouth Boat Hire: Weekly Fishing Update

Bait Balls in Exmouth Gulf Heres some footage of what we mean about baitballs moving into Exmouth Gulf this time of the year. The boys took out Exmouth Boat Hire 7m hire boat. You can see the birds working the baitballs from a distance, with GTs, Cobias, Tuna and rather large sharks smashing them it […]

October 18, 2015

Exmouth Boat Hire: Coral Bay Boat Hire: Sailfish are in the Gulf

  Exmouth Boat Hire Fishing Update: Wind n Weather: Strong southerlies have prevailed for most of this week hampering most boaters from heading out of Exmouth & Coral Bay.  What began as a possible an early start to summer with the temperature gauge hitting above 40 last week has now been blown out by southerlies […]

October 12, 2015

Exmouth Fishing: Weekly Update Mackeral, Chinamen & Rankin

With the run of good weather the past couple of weeks in Exmouth, there has been no shortage of boats heading out.  The boys were taken out on the 6m hire boat (photos above)  and got onto some Mackeral, Chinaman & Rankin Cods over in Lighthouse Bay.  Things started off alittle slow, but when the […]

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Exmouth Fishing : Weekly Update

Exmouth Fishing in the Gulf: Big Blues are coming in close.  The weather was good, and big bluebone have been spotted in close to shore down Exmouth Gulf.  So the son got the day off school and the boys headed  off in the 4.2m hire dinghy fishing for bluebone.  They  caught several squid, speared a nice […]