September 14, 2015

Exmouth Fishing : Weekly Update

Exmouth Fishing in the Gulf:

Big Blues are coming in close.  The weather was good, and big bluebone have been spotted in close to shore down Exmouth Gulf.  So the son got the day off school and the boys headed  off in the 4.2m hire dinghy fishing for bluebone.  They  caught several squid, speared a nice sized blue bone and caught a coral trout.  They also encountered a rather large tiger shark the length of the boat which cruised on by near Kailis as they were trawling for squid.  And in my son’s words “it was bloody big mom”.

Squillions of Squid & Plenty of Prawns down Exmouth Station

With mild winds all day today the boys again headed down Exmouth Gulf in the 4.2m hire boat and launched at Exmouth Station fishing for squid and prawns.  Armed with their throw nets they caught plenty of good sized banana prawns and caught their boat limit of squid.  The schools of squid were so large & prolific this year they were quiet amazed.  In less than a foot of water you could see up to 20 squid in a patch.  Our mate Steve decided to cast the squid jig while waiting to launch the boat and proceeded to land about a dozen squid to start the day.

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