October 12, 2015

Exmouth Fishing: Weekly Update Mackeral, Chinamen & Rankin

Exmouth Fishing: chinaman Exmouth Fishing: bluebone Exmouth Fishing: Mackeral

With the run of good weather the past couple of weeks in Exmouth, there has been no shortage of boats heading out.  The boys were taken out on the 6m hire boat (photos above)  and got onto some Mackeral, Chinaman & Rankin Cods over in Lighthouse Bay.  Things started off alittle slow, but when the tide turned they seemed to come on the bite.

North Murion Islands also provided good shark free grounds in the shallower depths with good catches of Blueline emperor, Bluebone and NorthWest Snapper.

Crew that took our hire boats out of Tantabiddi reported fish were also biting well,  but sharks were proving frustrating and costly.  Nothing worse than to pull up a solid Red Emperor head, with the best bit bitten off!  Clever buggers seem to know the difference between the quality of fish…Its only the good ones they smash

Further down the Exmouth Gulf, squid are still plentiful, with Blue Manner Crabs and prawn catches patchy.  Locally caught squid do seem to be the bait of preference, so if heading out boating, do take the time to trawl for some squid over weedy/reefy patches

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