October 18, 2015

Exmouth Boat Hire: Coral Bay Boat Hire: Sailfish are in the Gulf


Exmouth Boat Hire Fishing Update:

Sailfish in Exmouth GulfGreen Crayfish Exmouthblue-swimmer-crabs-big-catch

Wind n Weather:

Strong southerlies have prevailed for most of this week hampering most boaters from heading out of Exmouth & Coral Bay.  What began as a possible an early start to summer with the temperature gauge hitting above 40 last week has now been blown out by southerlies which is more typical for this time of year.

Sailfish Are in The Gulf

Sailfish are caught in Exmouth all year round, but October marks the start of when they move in large numbers into Exmouth Gulf, chasing the massive bait balls that form this time of year.  Not only will you see sailfish smashing these bait balls, but other pelagics will come in chasing them; including  tuna, mackerel, cobia, sharks, and marlin.  They will gather out around the mackie lumps out in the middle of the Exmouth Gulf.  Keep an eye out for these baitballs and birds feeding in the distance.  You will need at a minimum a 6m metre boat to get you out there.   This sized boat and larger will provide plenty of protection from the southwesterlies that prevail this time of year.  You should be pretty right in Exmouth Gulf as its protected from the south westers and generally gets  glass off in the afternoon.  On the marlin fishing front the guys who hired the 7m hire boat with outriggers found the game fishing action slow to start.  So hopefully this all starts to pick up over the coming weeks.

Its crayfish season.

October 15 marked the start of the recreational crayfishing season.  In addition to our stocks of painted crayfish and green crayfish, there are good sizes of red crayfish that can be found north & south of Tantabiddi.  All you would need is a little dinghy to get out to the bombies and your dive gear.  Cray pots can’t be used in sanctuary zones, and the painted and green crayfish won’t go into the pots, so its only by diving that you can successfully catch them

Blue manner crabs catches still good down Exmouth Gulf

Exmouth Gulf is still producing good numbers of Blue Manner Crabs.  We went down to Heron Point yesterday afternoon and came back with 30 and made a great chilli crab. Crab pots filled with mullies or local mullet, pulling them frequently (every 10 mins) we found to be a successfull strategy.   Anywhere up and down Exmouth Gulf there are also still good numbers of squid being caught.  Again a small hire boat would get you out there catching crabs or squid



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