October 26, 2015

Exmouth Boat Hire: Weekly Fishing Update

Bait Balls in Exmouth Gulf

Heres some footage of what we mean about baitballs moving into Exmouth Gulf this time of the year. The boys took out Exmouth Boat Hire 7m hire boat. You can see the birds working the baitballs from a distance, with GTs, Cobias, Tuna and rather large sharks smashing them it makes it easy to spot where your sportsfish are.

North Murions Fishing:


Good friend Cambell brought up West Coast footballers Fraser, Jamie & Simon to experience Exmouth Fishing. So we took them out & showed them what Exmouth has to offer. Launching from Bundegi in the 7.85m hire boat, the boys headed for Murion Islands yesterday. On their way out they had a go trawling for marlin, which proved very quiet. No strikes or sights. As they got to the Murions they saw a flare up on the sounder and had a crack at bottom fishing. …..They Smashed it. Filling their esky within the hour. It was game on for the 4 of them with every drop of a line resulting in a fish. They landed a mixed bag of Rankin Cod, Red Emperor, Tomato Cod, Cobia and a wee trevally. With a shark moving in on the action, the boys pulled up anchor and headed home. Plenty of turtles & sea snakes were seen during the day. The boys are still up here fishing, so we’ll provide more updates on their fishing exploits in next weeks fishing report

Whiting in the gulf


Whiting have now begun to school up in Exmouth Gulf. Good sized whiting are being caught along Exmouth Gulf.  Easily accessible from the beach or from a tinny using prawns as bait. A few reports have come back that there are alot of worms in some. So do check thoroughly before eating.  Filleted and dusted with some flour and pan fried in a mixture of butter and rice bran oil, make them melt in your mouth treats

Blue Manna Crabs

There are still good catches of Blue Manna crabs south of Exmouth Gulf

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