February 21, 2016

Exmouth Boat Hire: February Fishing Update


Hello Everyone, Exmouth Boat Hire has been alttle slow with the Exmouth Coral Bay fishing update, but here we are with whats being caught.  Exmouth’s summer has been significantly delayed until the last week.  Up until then temps haven’t moved up past 33 degrees, providing locals with a summer reprieve.   It was only a matter of time before the roaring 40s arrived….and they are here now!

Coral Bay

Claire & friends took the 5.5m Hire Boat down to Coral Bay for the week & had an awesome time hooking into their 1st Black Marlin and various other reef species.  With a very unusual summer, the winds gods were on their side making boating possible every day

Exmouth Gulf:

The young lads launched a tinny just south of McLeods and scored well on a bombie not 200m from shore with a painted cray, blue bone and Coral Trout.

Meanwhile on the 7m hire boat the boys headed out across the gulf & landed this awesome trevally

Good sized mullet and sand whiting are schooling up down the gulf.  The bottom of the gulf is still producing good catches of Banana Prawns


Marlin are still being caught out off Tantabiddi.  Exmouth’s amazingly cool weather the last few weeks have slowed the Blue Marlin season, with the cold water current running up the coast quietening the action.  There have been catches reported due west north west of Tantabiddi in 300 -500m of water, with local charter operators still successfully landing some Blues.  Boys who hired the 7.85m Boat over Christmas, caught 5 blue marlin and lost a 700 pounder close to the boat.  Mackeral are still to be found around Helby Bank & South Passage. The unusually cool summer and moderate sea breezes have meant fishing on the west side to be a favourable  option.  Lads who hired the 7.85m boat last week had an action packed week scoring 4 out of 9 marlin: 1 striped, 1 black and 2 blue.

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