April 12, 2016

Exmouth Fishing Update: Exmouth Fishing Charters & Exmouth Boat Hires


Exmouth Fishing Charters:

With favorable weather conditions, last week’s fishing charter headed south of Tantabiddi landing a good sized trout in 40m, with long nosed emperors and norwest snapper also being caught.   The next day the same crew headed west of  the Murion Islands trawling.  As usual dolphin fish were a regular catch, some big queenies caught just off the Islands, and much to the lads disappointment missed a good marlin (well we think it was, it was bloody big anyway).

The following days charters saw catches of reds, rankins and snappers in the 80s.  Sharks claimed their quota, but we managed to get afew on board.  On another days charter the boys had an unexpected visit by a couple of whale sharks, which decided to come and check out the boat.  A larger one cruised on by, but Murphy’s law had it and no one had a camera or dive gear.  Not that you really needed to get into the water, with the smaller whale shark very inquisitive and hung around the boat for awhile.  A bonus really when you consider the cost of a whale shark tour.

Meanwhile on the 6m hire boats John and crew also launched out from Tantabiddi and did well trawling for Mackerel, cod and emperors.  Again sharks were present at times but  not too troublesome.

With the larger tides this time of the year, Tantabiddi launching and retrieving should ideally be done before the tide hits a 0.5m low.  The northern most boat ramp is offers the deep water, but be mindful that last slab of concrete has dropped by a foot and you don’t have your trailer dropping off onto that slab.

This week Warren took the boys chasing Marlin.  With south of Tantabiddi being quiet, they headed back north and caught 2 small black marlin, yellow fin tuna and dolphin fish virtually straight out the front of Tantabiddi.  The strong wind warning proved a furfy with moderate winds mid morning backing off to next to nothing by the afternoon.  Text book awesome April boating weather.. Time to get up here people!


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