May 1, 2016

Exmouth Boat Hire: Fishing Update April 2016: Mackerel Madness at the Murions


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Good sized prawn still being caught down Exmouth Gulf

Exmouth Gulf

Exmouth Gulf is still producing good catches of prawns out off Exmouth Station.  A tinny and a throw net will get you in amongst the action.  You have 2 options for getting down there and amongst them.  You can give the guys at Exmouth Station a call or you can launch a tinny at Learmonth Jetty or Bay of Rest and motor down there in the tinny.  We can give you tips on how to spot a school of prawns when you come and hire one of  our boats.  In addition the other key to success here is using a throw net and knowing how to use one.

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Plenty of crays being caught out from Tantabiddi

Peter and his family flew from over east and hired the 6m boat for a week of spear fishing and getting to know our wonderful coast.  The few days that the wind did pick up didn’t hamper his days out on the water with the 6m plate ali hire boat.  Folks all of our ali boat are built by Western Australian boat builders who know what this coast can throw at you in terms of wind and weather.  They are designed to cope with the stronger winds and swell that we get over here.  A factor to consider when using a boat in WA: make sure the gunwhales (sides) are nice and high; enough cabin area to protect you from a wet ride.  You don’t want to get all the way up here and find you can’t use your boat because it can’t cope with the elements that the weather throws at you.  Pete left with a mixed bag of catches, including some nice painted crays he and his boy caught out off Tantabiddi

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Great to be able to show your kids where their sea food comes from

There is nothing better than to be able to show your kids where their food comes from, especially when theres plenty of fun to be had catching it too.  At least up here in Exmouth, our isolation guarantees you that the seafood you catch is clean and free of any contaminants.



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Matt’s Catch: Caught from one of our marks that we give to our regular boat hirers

One of our favorite clients that we look forward to seeing every year is Matt & Shev and the family.  As with many of our regular hirers they  eventually become our good friends.  With that we want to ensure that they have a great trip up here catching a feed and enjoying our coast.  Matt hired the 7m forward cabin got onto a beauty here  from one of the marks that Wog gave him.  For those wanting to trawl, there are plenty of mackerel being caught west of the Murions in the 30-40m mark, without too much issue with sharks.

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