May 13, 2016

Exmouth Boat Hire Fishing in Exmouth May 2016 Update

Exmouth Fishing Update:

Yellow Fin – Marlin – Mahi Mahi A Plenty

Hi everybody, this past fortnight we have seen the fishing become alittle hit and miss on days here up in Exmouth.  Northeasterly winds have hampered boating efforts the past few days, making it rough where ever you go and it seems that the fish also weren’t playing fair, going  off the bite.  When you get these northerly winds Bundegi boat ramp can be a real bugger to launch your boat from.  If you  find after you have launched the boat at Bundegi and it comes in Northerly in the afternoon, you are better off to drop someone off at Bundegi who can drive the trailer back to the Marina and bring the boat back to the Marina.  Much less dramas for the extra 20 min boat ride.

On a brighter note on the days that were nice….and yes there were quite afew of them, the general take home haul consisted mostly of Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Marlin, Mackerel and Mahi Mahi.

Crew that hired the 6m boat headed out from Tantabiddi and got onto an 80kg Black Marlin  and yellow fin tuna. They fished at the 100m – 150 mark, about 3-4kms south from Tantabiddi just off the ledge.  Boys had more success catching them on small skirts.  Other crew managed to raise 2 blacks, but they weren’t interested in what the boys had to offer.  They ended up bringing home dolphin fish which seem to be quite prolific at the moment.

Lads who hired the 7m boat  afew days ago headed north to the Murion Islands and got onto Mackerel and Mahi Mahi.  They went west of the Murions at the 30-40m fishing the outgoing tide.

On a different note,  crew who had hired one of the 6m boats called late one evening and left a message saying they had an issue with the boat.  We were unable to get in contact with them that night so we were left wondering for the night what the issue was.  Turns out when he went to fuel the boat up the evening after his hire he put 80 litres of fuel into the rod holder!

Well that about wraps up whats be going on in the water this past fortnight up here in beautiful Exmouth.  This next week we have really good weather forecast coming up, so there’ll be plenty more fishing news. Chat to you next time!

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