May 29, 2016

Exmouth Fishing Update: May 2016

Exmouth Fishing

Hi everybody,

well  Exmouth Fishing this last couple of weeks has been hit and miss for boaters and land based fishermen alike.  Northeasterly winds have made boat efforts challenging to say the least.

Crew who hired the 5.5m boat braved the northerly winds and headed 3ks out from Janz Access.  Their trawling efforts were rewarded when they came home with half a dozen good sized Spanish Mackerel.  The lads did say that conditions were very average indeed

Keith and crew from NSW flew over and took the 6m hire boats  down to Coral Bay.  Their first day they landed an 18kg Wahoo (pictured) trawling just out of the North Passage of Coral Bay. They also took home various catches including Rosie Jobfish ( the elusive and very good eating) , Cobia, Spanish Mackerel and Long nose emperor.  The guys had a great time and no doubt we’ll see them again next year.

Alittle closer to home Cam and his mates hired the 4.2m Dory for a few days.  They sent in some pictures of their catches which included Rankin Cod and Esturine Cod, Golden Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, and small striped tuna.

Squid numbers are on the increase, with good sized tubers around the 15 inch mark being caught between Bundegi and Kailis.

Well winter is finally here with us all pulling out our trackie bottoms, beanies and jumpers from the closet as temperatures drop to their teens of an evening.  A nice welcome to many locals who are alittle over the ongoing heat.  With the humbacks now being sighted out off Tantabiddi, we know winter is well and truely on its way.

Something alittle unrelated to fishing: A surfer was out surfing Graveyards the other week.  If you’re not familiar with the break its located about 700m paddle from shore.  The fellow was out there on his own when he got knocked off his board by a tiger shark, pictured above.  Not sure how he managed to photograph it but he did.  His quote regarding the incident was:

Just got launched of my board at graveyards by that big prick of a shark.  Scary as hell.  Was light fluffy offshore and really good waves on both breaks.   First thing I saw was its big eye before it  hit me. Lucky I sit with my feet up late arvos.   Didnt even put a scatch on my board. Might make me think twice on sitting out there late arvos.  I hope thats the first and last time that ever happens.

Till next……Talk Soon

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