July 29, 2016

Exmouth Fishing Update: June July 2016

Hi everybody, well its been awhile since we posted, but we’ve been pretty busy.  Fortunately not completely with work, but with such beautiful Exmouth weather over winter, between boat hires, charters, surfing fishing and camping, there hasn’t been alot of time to sit in front of the laptop.

Well we’ve finally seen a break in the winter weather with August looking promising with wind free days making it ideal for boating activities.  We have had record rainfall this winter, which has meant the mozzies have been insane of late.

Fishing action on the Exmouth Gulf side has been fairly limited last month with a spate of North Easterly winds stirring up the waters.  Those who have ventured down the bottom of the Gulf have said prawning down at Exmouth Station has been fickle at best. Throws netting 3-4 at a time have been reported.  On the other hand squid have been quite thick down there in the shallows.  A dinghy and some squid jigs is all you need to get onto these guys.

Ray & the boys hired the 7.85m boat, and  utilised our skipper hire service for the first day.  Warren took them across the gulf, where the boys caught their quota of blueline emperor, crimson perch, spangled emperor, malabar cod, esturary cod, rankin cod, sweetlip and goldspot trevally. (photo above).

On the west side, there are plenty of tuna around north of Tantabiddi noth passage.  Theres no missing them with the abundance of birdlife feeding of the schools of bait.  Black and the the odd striped marlin are still being caught pretty much straight out of Tantabiddi.

Well thats a wrap for now.  Don’t forget our August Special:

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Hope to see your faces. Bye for now

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