June 23, 2019

Exmouth Fishing: June 2019

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Chasing some Blues across the Gulf yesterday. Sorry about the swearing just can’t help it. #fishing and #boating #ningalooreef #westernaustralia #exmouth

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June fishing in Exmouth commenced with a slow start with its usual run of northeasterlies  blowing strong for the first 10 days or so of the month.  I always try warn people coming over and hiring boats or just coming over around June to avoid this month if they can.  Just about guaranteed that there will be a spell of northeasterly winds during this month its just a matter of when.  This wind direction is probably the only one that puts a lid on any boating activity in Exmouth Ningaloo Reef Coast.  There may be the exception of taking a dinghy down the bottom of Exmouth Gulf or towards one of the stations: Giralia, Exmouth or Bullara and doing some bottom of Exmouth Gulf based activities.

Once the winds did settle and the water clear up it was not long before we discovered that large schools of garfish have migrated right across Exmouth Gulf.  With the arrival of the  Garfish the larger predators  such as trevally, tuna, mackerel, and giant herring  can be seen smashing up the schools.  We caught a nice sized Cobia in the 4.2m hire dinghy while casting into one of the schools of Garfish just the other day.  It was caught in less than 3m water depth, using a squid head bait,  bottom bouncing.   Cobia presents a quality eating fish with a fair amount of fillet on the fish for the size of the catch.  When filleting keep the skin on and scale and fry up as crispy skin Cobia.  The skin crisps up beautifully when lightly floured and shallow fried on high heat.  Red throat snapper were also on the bite, and after putting afew in the esky they began proving to be annoying.




Squidding Exmouth Gulf Squidding

Not sure if there is any co incidence, but the squidding action has really fired up both in Exmouth Gulf and on the west side out of Tantabiddi.  There have been several reports of boats and kayaks bagging out with aggressive solid sized squid. 



Exmouth Fishing Report Bluebone

We went across Exmouth Gulf to some of the islands in the 7m Forward Cabin chasing Bluebone.  Our efforts were well rewarded landing afew solid specimens in the esky.  Bluebone would have to be my favourite fish…from the beautiful iridescent blue colours, to the fighting power that they possess.  Pound for pound that fish will make you yip when trying to land one of those buggers.  Furthermore theres a certain skill in hooking them, took me awhile to work it out.  When you do finally get one in the boat, its like a delectable trophy in your esky, knowing its also one of the best eating fish around.  If you want to watch some footage  of us catching  Bluebone head on over to our instagram page  and check the latest post.  Apologies for my swearing, but I do get very excited and cant help myself.  Blueline snapper were also on the bite and pesky brim were pinching our Bluebone bait.

Well we have had another run of northerlies these past couple of days,  hence why I am writing this report now.  With afew days break in between the next run of northerlies forecast towards the end of this month we will be out trying to smash the squid.  Hopefully we will have photos/footage to share. Till next time!




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