Exmouth Dinghy Rental: 4.2m Hire Tinnies

4.2m Hire Boats Tiller Steer( 4 Boat Rentals avail)

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Length Overall: 4.2 metre pressed aluminum
Hull Design: Tiller Steering, electric start
Fuel Capaity: 20 litres
Motor: 2019-20 Yamaha 4 stroke 25 – 30 Hp
Fuel Consumption: 1 mile/litre, average traveling speed 15 knots
Trailer: single axel trailer
Additional: 4 rod holders,
Safety gear: lifejackets, flares, 406 MHZ EPIRB,
Survey Specification: 4C Survey, Licensed to carry 4 people, up to 2 miles offshore. Allows for inside the reef activities

Ideal for: Surfing outer reef breaks, fishing, trawling, diving, whale watching, viewing Ningaloo Reef, beach launching & camping @ Warroora Station, Ningaloo Station, Exmouth Station

4.2m Dinghies For Rent: 4 Avail

4.2m Plate Aluminium

Exmouth Dinghy Hire


Length Overall: 4.2 metre plate aluminum zodiac
Hull Design: Rear tiller Steering
Fuel Capaity: 20 litres
Motor: 2020 Yamaha 4 stroke 25 Hp
Fuel Consumption: 0.7 mile/litre, average traveling speed 15 knots
Trailer: single axel trailer
Additional: 4 rod holders,
Safety gear: lifejackets, flares, 406 MHZ EPIRB,
Survey Specification: 4C Survey, Licensed to carry 4 people, up to 2 miles offshore. Allows for inside the reef activities

Ideal for: fishing, trawling, diving, whale watching, viewing Ningaloo Reef, surf spots

  • DAILY RATE (excl GST)
  • $187 (holidays)
  • $165 (other days)
  • $220 (any station dest)
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  • WEEKLY RATE (excl GST)
  • $935 (holidays)
  • $825 (other days)
  • $1200 (any station dest)
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  • School Holidays
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ESKY HIRE (100 – 200 litre) $20/day $100/week
ROD N REEL $20-$40/day $100-$120/week

4.2m Dinghies

Exmouth Boat Hire has 4 dinghies available for hire. Exmouth Dinghy Hire allows for the hire dinghies to be launched just about anywhere off Exmouth’s and Coral Bay coast, making them a lightweight and versatile boat for enjoy the Ningaloo Reef and its surrounds. Able to carry 4 people comfortably the boats offer an inexpensive way to explore Exmouth’s and Coral Bay’s Ningaloo Reef. You can comfortably boat on the inside of the reef off Tantabiddi and down Exmouth Gulf. They can even be towed down to Waroora Station, Exmouth Station and Ningaloo Homestead.


Mud Crabbing/ Prawning/Squidding Down Exmouth Gulf.
Exmouth gulf offers an excellent amount of mud crabs, blue manners and prawns, which can only be accessed by a tinny. Launching it down at Wapet Creek or Heron Point will get you down the Bay of Rest and the bottom of the gulf. Take note you need a Westerly winds for Exmouth Gulf pursuits . Best time of year for this is over summer

Reef Fishing:
With an abundance of Coral bombies and reef flats inside Ningaloo Reef off Tanatabiddi, Exmouth Dinghy Hire allows you to fish the many resident species.  There are plenty of resident Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Gold Band Snapper, Bluebone , the every elusive tripletail and many more species available for you to explore.

There are many world class diving sites accessible from both Exmouth and Coral Bay, to take you on the underwater experience of a lifetime. Fantastic coral formations, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales, nudibranchs, starfish and anemones are just some of the fascinating marine life inhabiting the waters of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. Add to this the hundreds of species of coral and over 500 species of fish and you have a diver’s paradise. CLICK HERE for more information on dive sites around Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef,

The Bommie is a powerful outer reef break left hander located 700m from the Bommie carpark. The Bommie is not recommended for inexperienced surfers. Can be paddled out to, but its a little sharkie. So for a abit of reassurance you can launch a dinghy from Bundegi Boat Ramp, and be there in 20 minutes.
Yardie Creek:
surfing yardie creek

Virtually straight out from Yardie Creek a couple of kilometers out is Yardies. A powerful, peeling, barreling left hander that can take abit of south westerly wind. It doesn’t like alot of swell, so when its flat everywhere, Yardies is the place to go. Note, if you cant launch the boat through Yardie Creek, then a beach launch is necessary. This can be very boggy. Its about an hours drive from Exmouth town, so staying at Yardie Creek caravan Park is a definite option.

Stevens (Warroora Station):

Surfing Stevens @ Warroora Station when theres no swell in Exmouth

Surfing Stevens @ Warroora Station when theres no swell in Exmouth

Located at Warroora Station, Stevens is peeling, often barreling right hander that works on very little swell.  It can handle North Easterly wind conditions, making it a great alternative when conditions aren’t so good in Exmouth.  Four wheel drive access is required, and its a great camping spot.  If you need to hire camping gear, we have a great variety of gear available.

Whale watching
From June to October, humpback whales migrate between their summer breeding grounds and their winter feeding grounds. The waters of the Exmouth Gulf and the West Side are an ideal location to see the humpback whales playing and nursing their new born calves. Because these guys come in so close and are so inquisitive you can still enjoy them from a dinghy

Please note: Taking a Dinghy down to these stations will incur a Bond of $1000, and weekly hire rates of $700-$900/week, and daily rates of $200/day. The tracks down these stations are heavily corrugated and incur alot of wear on our trailers.  The extra charge reflects the extra wear and tear fee.

Waroora Station

Warroora Station is a prime example of what WA has to offer.  Pronounced Worra Station, it is a family run cattle station adjacent to the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef coastline in WA. For the self-sufficient camper who loves fresh ocean breezes, pristine white sandy beaches, up close wildlife experiences and a truly unique Aussie Wilderness location, you have found your little piece of paradise. Set up the tent, van or motorhome a few steps from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where fishing, surfing, whale watching, swimming amongst the corals and walking along the unblemished beach are just some of the activities on offer.  Camping at Warroora Station is available at 5 different locations, all equally as beautiful as each other. The camp grounds are known as 14 Mile, Sandy Point, The Lagoon, Black Moon Cliff, Elles , Maggies Beach and Steven’s Surf Break. Only the 14 Mile camp grounds is accessible for 2wd vehicles.

If you prefer something a little more refined and self-contained, you are welcome to stay at the old Station Homestead, Dudley Hill House, the Shearer’s & Stockmen’s Quarters, Charlies, or at the owner’s Cottage.

While 2WD access is available to 14 Mile, 4WD only applies to the rest of the sites. You must be completely self-sufficient including water as there are no facilities or shops here. The site fees, payable at the homestead when you arrive, need to be paid in cash as there is no eftpos or the like. This is the place that you come to so that you can get away from all that.

Boat Launching

Sandy point would be the only place where you could launch your dinghy up the northern end, its just south of 14 mile camp.  Its a beach launch and the sand  is pretty firm there.  Aim to launch on a high and retrieve on a low  tide if possible.  You will have to motor a couple of kms to get past the sancturary zones if wanting to do some fishing.

Launching at the lagoon  or 14 mile is not permitted in our vessels.

Is it safe to go out in a small dinghy?

Yes, if the weather conditions are suitable many visitors enjoy recreating in dinghies. Warroora is not suitable for launching of large vessels, it must be remembered however, at all times to respect the ocean, there are powerful currents and conditions change very quickly. Never go out along the Ningaloo Reef coastline without all the necessary safety equipment, nor without letting someone know when you are due back.

Ningaloo Station ( Note: Boats are no longer permitted to go to Ningaloo Station)

(Includes : North Lefroy, Janes Bay, Point Billie, South Lefroy Bay and Winderabandi Point,)

Ningaloo station is only 100 km south of Exmouth.  It is a great spot for the adventurous angler who is after a remote fishing experience where you can camp on the of beach.  It offer wilderness camping and all camp sites are located along, on or near the prestige beach fronts that adjoins Ningaloo Station.  Imagine waking up to crystal clear blue waters, white sand and fresh air.

Internet and phone services are limited so its the perfect opportunity to unplug, unwind and enjoy all the beautiful surroundings whilst spending quality time with family and friends.

Wilderness campers must be fully self sufficient and carry / transport everything into their  camp site, enjoy the natural surroundings and leave nothing behind. No facilities meaning you have to bring in everything including a chemical toilet.   Camps are well spaced to ensure a sense of privacy and comfort for all.

To book a site go to Parkes and Wildlife site On arrival at Ningaloo Station you will need to register at the homestead to collect your access key and map to your designated campsite.

You will need to have a four-wheel drive to transverse the atrocious 45 km heavily corruated road into the station.  So be sure to let your tyres down as low as you can to minimise the impact on your vehicle and boat trailer.  Expect it to take you at least an 1hr and 1/2 towing a tinny down the turn off.  Most of the track is rock hard but pulling in to north Lefroy can get a bit soft.   Run tyre pressure around 20 for the track then drop to 18 or lower if needed north of the station.  Even though the main track is not boggy the low pressure soaks up heaps of the vibration so there is less stress on your car and trailer.

The slow haul into the station will quickly be forgotten when you finally reach the coast and catch a glimpse of the amazing clear turquoise water, the reef, and white sand, of  the unspoiled beauty of this coastline.

Driving/Towing along Ningaloo Station Track

GO SLOW!! Let all tyres down to 20-24psi, and be prepared to travel at about 20-40kms per hour.  Check all nuts before and after that track.  It may take you up to 2 hrs to get there, but sit back and enjoy the ride. Otherwise you risk damage to trailer and tyres.

Boat launching facilities are non-existent is the area with most launching being done via the beach with a four wheel drive. At Point Billie there is a natural rock ramp which can offer easy launching for big boats on a mid-tide when the swell is low. At other times it can be a little tricky. If you have done beach launching before you will find the beaches here easier than most.

Bullara Station

Bullara Station, is a working cattle station, situated on the doorstep to the  Ningaloo Reef and the pristine coastline. Ideally situated 65kms north of Coral Bay and 86kms south of Exmouth.  Bullara Station offers a fantastic range of accommodation choices from self-contained cottages, renovated shearers lodge and fabulous bush campground. Caravanners and campers welcome. This fantastic location allows you to be central to all that the Coral Coast has to offer. Meals can be available by prior arrangement. Fabulous bush campground with communal fire pits, camp kitchen, wood BBQs and novel under the stars shower blocks provide caravans and campers lots of space to appreciate the authentic outback experience.. They offer an affordable campground with a unique atmosphere.  Dogs are allowed at owners discretion for camping and can stay outside of accommodation rooms. Open from 1 April to 31 October.

There is a dinghy launching facility there.

Giralia Station

Giralia Bay is located 120km south of Exmouth township. Access to Giralia Bay is via Giralia Station, followed by a 40km dirt road to the camp spots.

Drive 80km south of Exmouth and turn left at Burkett Road. Continue another 40km along Burkett Road to the Giralia Station turn off on the left. The property takes in the beautiful Exmouth Gulf, a hidden gem, where fishermen of all level of experience can enjoy this unique fishing spot. Access to the coastline is for guest only.  The road is generally kept in good condition and access is limited when the road is muddy.  Giralia Station offer a variety of accommodation from Bush Camping to self contained and dinner, bed and breakfast at the Homestead.

Giralia Bay fishing spots are rarely fished, which makes this place a must any angler. There are quite a few land based fishing spots at Giralia Bay to explore. The shallow flats of Ex Giralia have great sight casting for Trevally, Queenfish, Bream and Whiting. Giralia is a great place to launch a small boat to explore the small creeks, where the fishing is absolutely fantastic. The small creeks hold Mangrove Jacks, lots of big Cod, Threadfin Salmon, Bream, Dusky Flathead and Trevally. Around the western headland is a great place for trolling lures for Spanish Mackerel. The reef area here also holds Bluebone.

A prefect place to rent a dinghy and explore the many creeks, islands around Giralia Bay. Giralia is also a haven for bird watchers.

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