Exmouth Boat Hire: 7m Hire Boat

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Why go out on an expensive charter when you can DIY & hire a boat for a fraction of the cost.

Why Hire From Exmouth Boat Hire?

More Days Out on the Water with our Boats

Our boats are built by renown WA boat builders who know what WA wind and ocean conditions can throw at you.  Nothing worse than to get all the way up here after planning your long awaited fishing trip and find your boat can’t handle that extra bit of wind or swell that WA can be renowned for. Our boats are designed to cope with all types of elements that are thrown at you.  From 15 knot plus winds to 2m swell.  With high gunwales, ample shade, fully enclosed cabins on the larger boats and great hull design these boats have proven themselves over the years and the many conditions that fisherman have gone out in.

Don't Trust your Life out at Sea with Backyard Operators

Hiring a boat is NOT like hiring a car!

When you break down in a car you can just pull over on the side of the road.  Not so with a boat.  Ocean conditions can change very quickly, especially in WA.  You want to make sure that you are in a vessel that is well maintained and seaworthy.  Don’t risk your life and safety hiring boat based on price alone.  DO check the operators marine experience, how often the motors are serviced, how long have they been in the industry,  how many marine incidents have their boats been involved in.  The list can go on.  All we can say is that we have been in the industry for nearly 15 years, Warren is a Master 5 class skipper with over 25 years in the commercial marine industry in WA and has lived in fished around Exmouth for over 25 years.  No other operator can offer the expertise in boating, fishing and navigating the Exmouth Coast

Largest Fleet More Choices- Less Down Time

With over 12 different vessels to choose from, there is virtually no way you won’t be able to get on the water and explore Ningaloo Reef.  With a large back up fleet, if anything does go wrong, we pretty much have a boat on standby to get you back out on the water again.  We have a boat for any purpose, so that if the elements make it unsuitable for one type of activity then there is always something else you can do.

Exmouth Boat Hire: The Morton     Book Now

Exmouth Boat Hire will deliver to you: Coral Bay, Yardie Creek, Exmouth

The 7m Dennis Walsh design Forward Cabin is another one of Exmouth Boat Hires rock solid fishing boat ideal for getting out the back of Ningaloo Reef and across Exmouth Gulf . Definitely suited for the more serious, angler, diver or surfer, this rig can take you 5 miles off the Ningaloo Reef Coast and out to the Murion Island. With its high gunnwhales and plenty of shade it offers you the protection of a dry ride out of the sun, wind & swell.


Game & Sport fishing:
Ideal set up for chasing pelagics like the Blue & Black Marlin and Sail fish, and Sport fishing for Cobia, Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, GTs (Giant Trevally), queenies and many other demersals. With 10 rods and equipped for outriggers The Morton can get you out there and amongst it. This hire boat is set up for outriggers which can be hired from us also.

Reef Fishing:
With an abundance of Coral bombies and reef flats there are plenty of resident Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Gold Band Snapper, Bluebone , Coronation Cod, the every elusive tripletail and many more species available for your gastronomic delight.

With an abundance of Coral Bombies easily accessible and visible from the boat, there is no need to book expensive charters.  For the price of  1 person going out on a charter you can hire this boat & take 5 people out.  There are many world class diving sites accessible from both Exmouth and Coral Bay, to take you on the underwater experience of a lifetime. Fantastic coral formations, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales, nudibranchs, starfish and anemones are just some of the fascinating marine life inhabiting the waters of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. Add to this the hundreds of species of coral and over 500 species of fish and you have a diver’s paradise. CLICK HERE for more information on dive sites around Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef.

With its beamy deck, ladder and ample rear space to climb in and out of the boat, The Morton is perfectly suited for your next diving adventure on our Ningaloo Reef.

The Bommie is a powerful outer reef break left hander located 700m from the Bommie carpark. The Bommie is not recommended for inexperienced surfers. Can be paddled out to, but its a little sharkie. So for a abit of reassurance you can launch the Morton instead.

Murion Islands: Cranking left hander when the swells up on the South Island. Park the boat up in the channel between the 2 islands, and have this barrelling left all to yourself. Needs at least a 2m swell running for this left to work.

Whale watching
From June to October, humpback whales migrate between their summer breeding grounds and their winter feeding grounds. The waters of the Exmouth Gulf and the West Side are an ideal location to see the humpback whales playing and nursing their new born calves. Its not uncommon for boaters to see whale sharks.

Wilderness Island Lodge:
The Morton can take you across Exmouth Gulf to stay at the very exclusive fishing island resort of Wilderness Island (CLICK HERE). Click on the link for more details about this amazing resort. Wilderness Island is a fishing and ecological paradise in Exmouth Gulf in North West Australia that offers small groups an exclusive and unforgettable experience on their own private island. In an untouched environment fishermen, families and nature lovers alike can enjoy the beauty of the Island and its surrounding waters and experience a range of activities such as fishing, whale watching, snorkelling, kayaking, bird watching, exploring, star gazing or just simply relaxing.

Coral Bay

This boat can be towed down to Coral Bay or we can deliver to you.  Call us for more information


Length Overall (LOA): 7 metre plate aluminum
Build Year: 2013
Hull Design: Dennis Walsh Forward Cabin
Fuel Capaity: 220 litres
Motor: 2018 250HP Yamaha 4 stroke
Fuel Consumption: 0.8mile/litre, average traveling speed 15 knots
Trailer: Dual axel trailer
Electronics: Furuno sounder, GPS, trim tabs
Additional extras: 10 rod holders, rocket launchers, deck wash, whale gusher, auto bilge pump, additional shade attachment to the rear of boat
Safety gear: lifejackets, flares, 406 MHZ EPIRB,
Survey Specification: 2C/4C Survey, Licensed to carry 6 people, up to 5 miles offshore. Gets you outside the reef & to the Murion Islands
Ideal for: deep sea fishing, game fishing, diving, whale/whale shark watching, viewing Ningaloo Reef, remote surf spots


Navigational: Up to 5 nautical mile limit anywhere off the West Australia Coast, Daylight hours of use. No night time boating

Launching: Boat Ramps Only. Marina, Bundegi/Tantabiddi : Tide must not be lower than 0.5m .

Trailering: Daylight hours towing only, No Towing on unsealed roads

  • Pricing
  • Peak ( School Hols Mar – Sept)
  • Other Times
  • 1/2 Day Hires (Subject to Availability)
  • Car Hire (4wd to tow boat)
  • One Day Hire Rates
  • $550
  • $495
  • $275
  • $110
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  • Multi Day Hires Rates
  • $495
  • $440
  • $275
  • $110
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  • Weekly Rates
  • $2750
  • $2600
  • N/A
  • $770
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WEEKLY HIRES:  Bonus Free use of available dinghy

SECURITY BOND $1500 (speak to us about insurance options that cover you for most or all of the security bond, should the vessel sustain damages



SKIPPER HIRE $400 $250/half day
ESKY HIRE (100 – 200 litre) $30/day $120/week
OUTRIGGERS $70/day $300/week
ROD N REEL $20-$40/day $100/week